Online collection Wiedergutmachung for
National Socialist Injustice


This page provides a brief overview of the history of Wiedergutmachung in Germany. The Overview is structured in line with the four main research topics listed on the start page:





Soviet Occupation Zone und GDR


The social media campaign #ZumFeindGemacht sheds light on the wide variety of different people that became victims of National Socialist persecution, and exemplifies their struggle for Wiedergutmachung

For further information on the various aspects of the history of Wiedergutmachung, do not hesitate to take a look at our bibliography. The following publications listed in the bibliography provide particularly useful historical overviews: Blessin (1960), Brodesser (2000), BMF (2019, 2021), BMF/Schwarz (1974–1987), Goschler (2005) and Guckes (2008) (please note: all of these sources are in German only).