Virtual exhibitions in the DDB

By Archivportal-D

There are new exciting virtual exhibitions by archives to be discovered online. Using DDBStudio, the participating archives have created exhibitions presenting part of their unique holdings for you to enjoy while on the road, at home or meeting with friends. Come take a peek!

If you work in a cultural institution and would like to curate a virtual exhibition yourself, you can find more information at DDBpro.



75th anniversary of the Grundgesetz, the German constitution (1949-2024). Highlights of 75 years of living democracy in Bornheim

A virtual exhibition by Bornheim City Archives


The founding of the Federal Republic of Germany is not a “zero hour”. In the shadow of the Cold War, old Nazis soon occupied high positions in politics, administration and business again. Large parts of society do not want to be confronted with the crimes of National Socialism. The involvement of the Wehrmacht in the crimes of the Nazi regime is suppressed. Even in Bornheim.


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Eating and Drinking in Koblenz. Everyday life - crisis - prosperity

A virtual exhibition by Koblenz City Archives


Eating and drinking have always been an indispensable part of human life. Both contribute to physical as well as mental well-being and are a source of identity and culture. Beyond the mere intake of food, eating and drinking together can connect, support, comfort and create community and exchange in everyday life as well as in times of crisis and prosperity.


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Of potatoes, cabbage and pubs. Eating and drinking in Büttgen and Kaarst in the interwar period

A virtual exhibition by Kaarst City archives


The exhibition “Of potatoes, cabbage and pubs” is a contribution of the Kaarst City Archives to the nationwide Archives Day 2024, which takes place under the common theme of eating and drinking. The exhibition offers a small, colorful insight into the Kaarst City Archives' collection on this topic. The extensive collection of photographs from private hands stands out, which has been compiled over the past decades, primarily by the members of the archives' working group on town history.

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Mögeldorf: Found - Catalogued - Displayed. The Hölzl Collection in the Nuremberg City Archives

A virtual exhibition by Nürnberg City Archives


A few years ago, the collector Edwin Hölzl donated his Mögeldorf collection to Nürnberg City Archives and the municipal painting collection. We would like to thank him warmly for this donation of valuable collection items! Numerous unique objects relating to Mögeldorf were saved by Mr. Hölzl thanks to his enthusiasm for collecting. His collection includes a wide variety of documents such as large-format paintings, historical engravings, maps and plans, postcards, club flags, pins, business letters and much more.

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