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Since 2004, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Wirtschaftsarchiv e.V. (BBWA) has been one of the ten German Regional Economic Archives that operate across companies and industries. The Regional Business Archives are - in addition to the historical archives in some companies - among the important repositories for the economic development history of the respective region. Smaller and medium-sized companies and institutions usually do not have their own archives, but use the Regional Economic Archives as a collective archive. Complementary to the public archives, the BBWA in the Berlin-Brandenburg region thus makes its supplementary contribution to the preservation of the region's overall cultural memory and is unique in Germany with its focus on two federal states. In Berlin and the surrounding area, the BBWA advises companies, associations, industrial-cultural institutions and business institutions on setting up and maintaining their own archives and also takes on the task of setting up and maintaining them under its own roof.

The total holdings of the BBWA include more than 170 holdings with private-sector archive and collection material from companies, associations and economic institutions as well as estates of business personalities from the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. The scope of the holdings extends not only to the history of the impressive regional economic development with its industries, companies and industrial culture, but also to sources for social, regional or technical history, investigations into infrastructure or traffic development, inventions and product innovations, advertising, façade design, product design, in-house social benefits, sponsoring and donations, environmental protection and occupational safety, work and leisure activities - the list is long. This source material is prepared for use by the public, for research, and for cultural and educational purposes. Creative potential is also drawn from the archive records for the company's own projects and collaborations, and evaluated for podcasts, industrial walks, school collaborations, industrial culture evenings and much more.

Gebäudeansicht des BBWA
Gebäudeansicht des BBWA
BBWA/B. Berghausen (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

(Almost) all of the BBWA's holdings can be searched online at The most important holdings are the membership files of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Berlin Chamber of Crafts, and the Berlin Stock Exchange, the archive of Berlin city estates, the Flick research archive, the Holzmann picture archive, and the Circus Busch archive. With almost 85,000 records, the BBWA is represented on the public platform Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB).

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The archival records can be used in the reading room by appointment.

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